Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents

Children and adolescents often need extra support to foster social-emotional growth.  When working with young children, I work collaboratively with the parents in ongoing monthly or bi-monthly parenting sessions to provide strategies to address the challenges they are facing with their child.  When working with adolescents it's important for me to establish a trusting relationship, and to provide a safe counseling outlet to explore their challenges.  I work on building a safe environment with teens to help them feel comfortable in expressing themselves, and it’s important to me to include the parents in therapy.

Common issues I treat with children and adolescents are: depression, anxiety, OCD, coping with loss, issues related to divorce, developmental identity issues, developmental concerns, adjustment issues,  trauma, emotional dysregulation, behavioral concerns, and autism spectrum disorders.  Depending on the age of your child and the reason you're seeking treatment I use a variety of interventions including play therapy, ACT, and CBT interventions, while integrating mindfulness, somatic, and behavioral techniques.

My Approach

When working with children and adolescents I like to meet with the parenting adult(s) first to gather an in-depth history.  Sometimes I schedule a longer first session, or we spend two-meetings together often called the Intake phase of therapy. For children, I often use play therapy techniques in order to establish a trusting, safe, and comfortable counseling environment.  With older children and adolescents, I may use "play" or other relationship building techniques to also accomplish a strong working relationship.  Once the foundation is set, we can begin examining the issues that brought your child or teen into therapy, and begin to address the challenges you or your child may be facing.  I find it very helpful to have regular meetings with the parents to include them in their child's work, and these meetings are scheduled bi-monthly, monthly, or on an as needed basis depending on the reasons you are seeking therapy.