Assessment for Children and Adolescents

I provide psychological assessments or testing for children and adolescents to gain a better understanding of your child's cognitive functioning, aptitude for ability, as well as social-emotional functioning through a variety of tools in order to help me understand issues in your child or adolescent's life.  I use the information gathered during the psychological evaluation to inform our therapeutic work.  

Common reasons families seek assessments are often to better understand their child's Giftedness, ADHD symptoms, struggles with school work, symptoms of anxiety, symptoms of depression, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Learning Differences.  

My Approach

I begin with a clinical interview with the parents/caregivers to gather information about your child or adolescent's developmental history. I will then observe your child at school, and then meet with your child between one to four times depending on the type of psychological evaluation you are requesting. After I complete the evaluation, I provide feedback based on the findings, and I collaboratively establish a plan to best support your child.  Often times these plans are used to inform therapy, parenting strategies, or to support successful school achievement. 


Often times you can receive a Psycho-Educational Evaluation through an Individual Education Plan (IEP) at the public school that your child is districted to attend. These assessments can provide information on your child’s cognitive functioning, achievement, and social-emotional well-being. If you have a diagnostic questions, such as, does my child have Autism? Or does my child have ADHD, you can often ask that specific question for the school to have a School Psychologist evaluate. This if often helpful, as accommodations for your child can then provided in the school. For more information on how to request an Psycho-Educational Evaluation through the IEP process please see the link below.